Inspired action puts dreams in motion.  The key is clarity.

Clarity about who you are…
Who you are here to serve…
What you are here to do.

How often have you gotten really clear, yet not made your vision a reality?  Something happens, right? Life happens. And now that vision is a little fuzzy.  Your passion and energy have dissipated. And now it seems like so much work. So, you stay where you are…and continue to feel that calling to do more.  You’re caught in Groundhog’s Day.

It is not your fault.

This is the law of inertia at work.  A body at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by a significant force.

You find clarity.  Your energy and excitement surge.  You exert a significant force. Then life happens.  You get sick. You need a major home or auto repair.  A loved one needs extra time and attention. Your passion, your light for creating that vision fades.  And when all is right with the world a few weeks later, you find it nearly impossible to reignite it.  

I hear you.  I see you. I was you.  Then I found another way…

It all started with a question.

What if life doesn’t have to be this way?

Before we go on, let me briefly introduce myself.

Meet Melissa Kalt, MD

Melissa is an award-winning physician, intuitive, healer, mentor, coach, facilitator, speaker,  writer, and mother of five. A woman of extraordinary vision, depth, and healing, Melissa brings forth into her life’s work an inner state of stillness, aliveness, and alignment. Melissa sees the greater truth in her clients and is passionate about catalyzing their unrealized potentials.

Now I am on a mission to help others just like you.

What I’ve learned is that there are three (yes, just three) keys to creating and sustaining a new-fangled form of clarity.  I call it Empowered Clarity.

Empowered Clarity offers more than what you’re here to do, more than your next step.  Empowered Clarity frees you to BE the truest version of yourself. It’s the ultimate act of integrity.  Imagine if every decision, every action, every thought was in alignment with the truth of who you are and who you are meant to BE.  What would become possible?

These three keys will unlock your infinite possibilities.

Time and Life Hacks

You know how it is.  You want to make a change, to exert some force and create some momentum.  There just isn’t enough time. There isn’t enough time for meditation, clearing your head, intentionally grounding yourself in your vision, much less time to learn, plan, and act.  Heck, you haven’t got time to catch up on your sleep, enjoy a leisurely meal, or spend quality time with those you love.

There is a solution.

As a doctor and single mother of five, I found myself regularly saying I just needed an extra three hours per day.  With 27 hours in a day, I’d be able to catch up. I hoped and I prayed for that time. What I discovered was even more.

First, I learned how to hack time and life.  I became the Queen of Efficiency…not gonna lie.  But then, I found a way to E X P A N D time. Now, it’s like I have 32 hours each day.  Time to take care of myself. Time to spend with my family. Time to spend doing things that I love.  And time to share it with you.

Once I had my head above water, I could see more clearly.  And I could breathe a lot easier!

That brings us to Key 2…

Free Yourself

Do you feel stuck?  Do you long to be free? 

Free from the ties that bind you.  Free from physical symptoms that exhaust you.  Free from overwhelm. Free from mindsets that hold you back.  Free from fear.

Do you long for freedom to be your truest self?  To be fully seen and heard? To be loved and accepted exactly as you are—especially by you?   To be your greatest, fullest expression of yourself?

Freeing yourself is about creating expansion and movement.  It’s about bringing your dreams to life while living in complete integrity.


  • Feeling healthy and well
  • Stepping forward without fear
  • Generating energy and passion for the people and things you love

Then imagine…

  • Every decision you make is aligned with the truth of who you are.
  • Relationships you choose to cultivate and those you choose to release. 
  • Projects that are a conscious “yes.”
  • A lifestyle that nurtures your body and Soul. 
  • Time spent in your Zone of Genius, rather than on mundane, low vibration tasks.

Do you want to be free?

There is a platform shift that occurs with freedom.  It’s like flipping a light switch. You start out freeing yourself from the things that hold you back.  With the shift, you free yourself to be your greatest self.

The third Key flips that switch…

Align with Why

When you are bogged down, drowning, in your day-to-day life, you can’t even fathom doing more.  It feels like so much work. You need time and life hacks to create the space to breathe, then to free yourself.

Once you’ve created the space and started releasing your binds, your Soul begins to awaken.  It’s like Rip van Winkle, awakening from a 20-year nap. You start to dream. You see a bigger vision.  Instead of dread and exhaustion, you feel excitement and passion. The feeling gets stronger. You feel this nagging, tugging pull of your calling.  When you’re in the shower. When you’re in the car. When you wake up in the morning. Only it’s not clear what you’re to do. The feeling is more frequent, more intense.  Now you feel that pull all the time, yet you’re confused about how to move forward. Arghhh!!! It’s so frustrating!

Finding your Why, your unique reason for being here, and your superpowers for living your greatest life makes it clear.  ALIGNING with your Why, the process of continuously removing obstacles and getting out of your own way, frees you to sustain your momentum.  

After all, that’s what life is all about.  Sustaining a life in alignment and integrity with your unique self.  Sustainably You.

“Melissa is very strong; and is very fast moving.  I went to her with right knee pain, which I thought might be arthritis, and paralyzing fear about a workshop I was offering.  Within two weeks she had me accessing a Mastermind group matched to my goals and aspirations.  Within a month, the enrollment to my workshop had doubled!  And my right knee was comfortable once again.

Melissa is always creating and making things happen:  she’s a mover and a shaker.  At the same time, she has a presence that’s very human, very loving:  she’s able to share her sensitivity and is very approachable.  It allows me in to make a connection with her and build a sincere relationship with her.  From that place of authentic connection, watching her create with such grace and spaciousness inspires in me the confidence that I can do the same.

There is a way in which when I come to coach with Melissa, I have the safety and comfort of knowing that she has the expertise of conventional medicine.  She also has a way of understanding the peculiarities of my specific condition from a much vaster perspective using alternative and complementary therapies.  And in a way that is difficult to articulate clearly and precisely, she brings an energetic understanding and powerful capability to heal things from their core or source; and then the healing spreads to all the other levels.  Her intuitive guidance is so often spot on, it is uncanny.  With that kind of accurate clarity, transformation takes place often at an almost miraculously fast pace and deeper level.”

– Dr Michele Semerit Strachan, MD
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, University of Minnesota
Fellow and Director of Medicine, Cultural Wellness Center, Minneapolis, MN

Dr Michele Semerit Strachan, MD