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Who Is Dr Melissa?

Dr Melissa is a high impact professional woman, a survivor of narcissistic abuse, much like you – who learned how to leverage her experience to create the extraordinary. 

Dr Melissa’s Story . . .

Dr Melissa is a Trauma Expert, Soul Strategist, Master Healer, Antifragile Narcissist Survivor, award-winning physician, mentor, writer, and mother of five.  

A graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin, Dr Melissa is triple-board-certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Lipidology. She was voted to the US Best Doctors™ list by her peers year over year 2009-2018.

By 2012, Dr Melissa had achieved every goal on her over-achiever to-do list yet was miserable.

She began an extraordinary journey that solved her most unsolvable problem. It all started with the question –

What if life doesn’t have to be this way? 

Dr Melissa got really clear about who she was, who she wanted to be, and what needed to change. She identified, then extracted herself from several narcissistic relationships and committed to healing her family’s trauma.

By extracting the illusion and getting clear about the truth of who she was – everything changed. In 2018, Dr Melissa made the leap to expand beyond the limits of traditional medicine and left her 20+ year medical career to follow her Why. That same year, she found her forever partner in love and business, whom she married in 2019.

Now she is on a mission – a mission to free high impact professionals from the after effects of narcissistic abuse, to help them take back their power and control, to take the narcissist target off their foreheads, and to create the life they’ve always wanted and deserved. 


Because a high impact professional free from the trauma, free from the shackles that hold them back, aligned with their Why – has the power to change the world.

You have the power to change the world.

And we could use a bit more of that right now, don’t you think?

Dr Melissa’s WHY grew out of the tremendous need she saw with the searching, questioning, seeking, that drives so many. It grew out of the needs she had – unmet by the industry – that held her back, rather than helping her heal.

She often says, “I’ve created for you what I wish I’d had.”

Through her writings, videos, courses, healing sessions, and one-on-one work, Dr Melissa is on a mission to empower high impact survivors of narcissistic abuse to break free from the longstanding after effects of narcissistic abuse, clearly see their blind spots, release their trauma, heal their wounds, and connect deeply to their Divine Self, their beautiful Soul buried deep inside.

The Narcissist Project

After a lifetime of experience with both overt and covert narcissists in family relationships, romantic relationships, and workplace settings, I extracted myself from those relationships and committed to fully healing.

Through my journey, I discovered 5 steps to healing. When I started working with others, I learned most survivors stop at step 3 and wonder why their life isn’t what they’d hoped. They continue to attract narcissists and other toxic people into their life. The continued trauma and drama of toxic people and their circumstances blocks self-actualization. It actually prevents you from being who you are here to be.

I also worked with so many parents, brave enough to leave the relationship – now distraught that their children are manipulated and gaslit by the narcissist, while the professionals are none the wiser.

I said, “Enough!”

In 2021, I committed to being the change I wanted to see in the world and The Narcissist Project was born.

Dr Melissa Kalt standing next to the Fearless Girl Statue in New York City

Why Choose Dr Melissa and Team Antifragile?

You are not meant to stay stuck.
With us there is no “as good as it gets.”
The sky’s the limit.

The solution won’t be found in the mind. The mind can only take you 50% of the way on the healing journey. More therapy cannot take you further. We can.

The trauma bond is larger than you know. Others work on the tip of the iceberg. Our proven process dives beneath the surface to get to the root – in hours.

Extracting your trauma is key. Why relive it or reprocess it when you can painlessly extract it?
We can.

Fast results. Our proven process takes you from stuck to free in weeks to months, not months to years.

Melissa is an expert trauma extractor – and I now understand that this is what leads to healing.

“I have been through extreme emotional abuse and distress for many years now. I had seen many good therapists for years – and I still do. . . I attended more than six months of DBT therapy, and countless CBT sessions over the years. However, I still found myself suffering intensely – both emotionally and mentally. . .

I was terribly trauma bonded to my abuser. And I was not only trauma bonded to my abuser – but also trauma bonded to the pattern of being trauma bonded! Because, growing up, that was the only kind of “love” I had known.

— Incredible Woman* 
Systems Analysis Leader, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Midwest

I am free today & live with greater ease.

“It’s always been challenging for me to find someone who had the experience, knowledge & spiritual ability to meet me where I was at and help me move through the pain.  Dr. Melissa was able to hold space for me in a way that no one else had.

The longer we worked together, the greater her ability to access my Soul’s truth in this lifetime enabling me to become stronger in facing the totality & truth of my trauma. I am free today & live with greater ease.” – read more

Shining Woman*
Business Owner | East Coast

*Work with Team Antifragile is elite and discreet.
Names are reserved or abbreviated for privacy.

Leaders, it’s time to say goodbye to indecision,
and INTUITIVELY LEAD without second-guessing,
over-thinking, or self-doubt.

It’s time to become antifragile.