Want to Completely Heal from
Narcissistic Abuse and Need Help?

Dr Melissa guides narcissist survivors through
Steps 1, 4, and 5.

Step 2 – Typically requires a Therapist and a Lawyer

Step 3 – Typically requires a Therapist and/or Mindset Coach

The Antifragile Jumpstart

Re-Ignite Your Fire & Joy of Life
Without Reliving Your Past

Antifragile Jumpstart will help you get clear, break free, and leverage your experience to create the life of your dreams.

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The Antifragile Accelerator

An Advanced Step 4 and 5 Program Built for YOU

(The Antifragile Accelerator launches in 2023)
An advanced exploration for Antifragile Jumpstart graduates.

VIP Intensive

The ONLY path to complete Steps 4 and 5

For those who want complete healing . . . yesterday

Limited Availability – Pricing starts at $12,000/month

Antifragile Consult

Sometimes you need clarity about where you’re at and how to best move forward. This 30-minute consult gets you the answers you need — fast.