Want Help Eradicating the
After Effects of
Narcissistic Abuse?

The 5 Step Journey from Narcissist Victim to Antifragile

Dr Melissa guides
narcissist survivors
Steps 4 and 5
(No one else does this)

Step 2 – Typically requires a Therapist and a Lawyer
Step 3 – Typically requires a Therapist and/or Mindset Coach

“It’s All About You”
VIP Intensive

8 Week OR 2 VIP Days Consulting/Coaching Program

For those who want results – yesterday! (It’s almost like magic.)

VIP Half-Day: ‘Your Crystal Ball’ – get really clear, really fast so you can move forward today!

VIP Half-Day: It’s All About You – a deep dive into exploring the YOU…your character, your behaviors and patterns, your beliefs about yourself and why these make you an ideal target

VIP Half-Day: Break Your Trauma Bond – make your trauma bond conscious, reverse engineer it, then break it…completely and permanently

VIP Half-Day: Rewrite Your Subconscious Scripts – Identify the subconscious beliefs that impact your health, wealth, relationships, and impact on the world…then rewrite them

Daily Email Check-Ins M-F so you keep moving forward EVERY DAY

Lifetime Access to Antifragile Jumpstart Program and its bonuses

Limited Availability

Antifragile Jumpstart

6 Week Group Consulting/Coaching Program

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Want to Finally Break Free from the Aftermath?
Confusion, Indecision, Decreased Confidence, Lack of Motivation, Narcissist Drama

Get CLEAR. Break FREE. And leverage your experience to CREATE the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS

3 90-minute Live Group Advisory Sessions with Dr Melissa

Antifragile Jumpstart Core Online Program

Clarity QuickstartBreaking Your Trauma Bond
Understanding the NarcissistRewriting Your Subconscious Scripts
Exploring You as SurvivorRising Above the Drama and Chaos

Antifragile Consult

Sometimes you need clarity about where you’re at and how to best move forward. This 30-minute consult gets you the answers you need — fast.