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Leverage Your Trauma Experience To Create What You Want Most In Life

Antifragile Rebels
Want Results Yesterday? A true done-with-you 
exclusive one-on-one transformational experience with Dr Melissa 
to get results faster 
than you’d ever 
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The 5 Step Journey from Narcissist Victim to Antifragile

Narcissistic Abuse Healing Journey - 5-Steps with Antifragile Rebels summary

Step 2 – Typically requires a Therapist and a Lawyer
Step 3 – Typically requires a Therapist and/or Mindset Coach

Dr Melissa guides you in this bespoke, hybrid transformative experience through our proven process to get clear, break your trauma bonds, and rewrite your subconscious scripts – providing rapid results customized for you.

  1. Proven narcissistic abuse recovery processes – for your mind
  2. Trauma extraction and release – for your body
  3. Personal and professional development – for your spirit

Starting at $50,000 USD

By Application Only.

Antifragile Consult

Sometimes you need clarity about where you’re at and how to best move forward. This 30-minute consult gets you the answers you need — fast.