Want to Completely Heal from
Narcissistic Abuse and Need Help?

5 Steps to Antifragile Narcissist Survivor

Dr Melissa guides narcissist survivors through Steps 1, 4, and 5.

Step 2 – Typically requires a Therapist and a Lawyer

Step 3 – Typically requires a Therapist and/or Mindset Coach

VIP Intensive

The ONLY path to complete Steps 4 and 5

For those who want complete healing . . . yesterday

Limited Availability – Pricing starts at $12,000/month

Antifragile Survivor Group Program

Your personalized 6-month Group Program that combines weekly group trauma extraction with guidance unique to you. Twice monthly learning sessions tailored to answer your most pressing questions. Every day, relax as your program advisor guides you to the resources you need right now. Priority status as VIP Intensive slots become available.

Antifragile Consult

Sometimes you need clarity about where you’re at and how to best move forward. This 30-minute consult gets you the answers you need — fast.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Weekly group trauma extraction. With a one-hour investment of time, experience trauma release, alignment, clarity, increased productivity, and peace all week long.

Private, anonymous, healing, and powerful.

(note: 24 of these are included in the Antifragile Survivor Group Program)