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  • Why Leaping Without a Safety Net is the ONLY Way to Change Your Life

    Why Leaping Without a Safety Net is the Only Way to Change Your Life The Secret Trick for Investing in Myself I remember sitting at that crossroads…knowing things needed to change, yet being scared (okay, terrified) to show up in a different way.  It felt like leaping blindly off a cliff.  This happened any time […]

  • Resistance is Futile

    Resistance is Futile The call of a change agent (Part 1 of 6) “My name is Melissa Kalt.  I am a change agent.  I’m here to change the world.” Inspiring, or famous last words?  I once wasn’t quite so sure. From the time I was a little girl, I felt like I was here to […]

  • Anything is Possible

    Anything is Possible Release limiting beliefs and open to possibility. (Part 6 of 6)   We’ve brought it full circle.  In this series, we’ve looked at the concept of polarity, opening our minds to possibility.  Polarity:  The Map to Wellness.  We’ve examined why distraction as a coping mechanism is not sustainable, Why Distraction is Simply […]

  • The Secret to Wellness? Go Straight to the Roots.

    The Secret to Wellness?  Go Straight to the Roots. In matters of health and wellness, treat the roots, not the leaves. (Part 5 of 6)   I’m going to lead with the secret.  In matters of health and wellness, treat the roots, not the leaves. When things go “wrong” with our wellness, meaning we’re feeling […]

  • Self-Responsibility with a Capital I

    Self-Responsibility with a Capital I Transformation requires radical self-responsibility (Part 4 of 6)   Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re responsible.  My audience is hard-working, dedicated, responsible people, after all.  You show up for work every day.  You pay your bills on time.  You feed your family.  You “adult” really well.  But are you […]

  • I Am Strong!

    I Am Strong! Acknowledge your past trauma and find your strength. (Part 3 of 6)   I am strong!  I am fierce!  I am powerful!   For most of my life, this is how I felt.  It was important to me to feel strong, because it was the opposite of feeling weak.  It was important […]

  • Why Distraction is Simply Not Sustainable!

    Why Distraction is Simply Not Sustainable! How your new project may be counter-productive to your health and wellness (Part 2 of 6) Distraction, as a coping mechanism, is about as American as apple pie.  We see it all the time.  You have a bad day at school; your mom makes cookies.  You have a bad […]

  • Polarity: The Map to Wellness

    Polarity:  The Map to Wellness How Shifting Your Perspective is the Key to Achieving Health and Wellness (Part 1 of 6)   I’m going to tell you a secret, one you are welcome to share.  It IS possible to achieve true health and wellness.  The concept of polarity is your map. Drop your awareness into […]

  • Rest. Relax. Recharge.

    Sitting here gazing at the mountains of Montana and the beautiful blue sky, I know that I am truly blessed.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to rest, relax and recharge. I write a lot about connecting to Self, which is something that can be sought everywhere regardless of environment or circumstance.  That is […]

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability Modern life and American culture values “doing” through distraction and bulldog determination. Goals are achieved through burying or stuffing emotions and putting one’s nose to the grindstone. Believe me, I know! Most, if not all, physicians have done just that to get through medical school. Unfortunately, it’s not sustainable. The problem is this. Everyone […]