Transformation Packages

The transformation package is a unique, personal development opportunity, providing an integrated approach to your personal and professional expansion around your stated intention.  Melissa sees the greater truth in her clients and is passionate about catalyzing their unrealized potentials.

Through her one-on-one work, Melissa helps her clients create clarity around an intention; identify, name, and get to the root of the issue(s); and then works with her clients to release the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual obstacles, thus realizing their full-potentials and intentions.  Melissa’s approach as coach and mentor empowers her clients to be active, responsible, self-actualizing participants, providing clarity, guidance, and wisdom while fully trusting that each client holds the wisdom and ability to realize their highest potentials.

Melissa is a healer of healers, gracefully guiding clients into a deep dive within, connecting them to their individual potentials and yearnings.  Through her unique, personal integration of both left and right brain and masculine and feminine principles, she teaches others to do the same, resulting in the ability to create with grace, ease, and spaciousness.  Her clients are often thrilled to be free from the physical symptoms and limiting beliefs previously holding them back, allowing relaxation into a fully expressed life lived on purpose.


The transformation packages are comprehensive, releasing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual obstacles to meet the stated intention thus providing clients with the needed resources to continue their transformative work.

Each package includes:

  • Initial discovery session to elicit the purpose and intention for our work together
  • Weekly sessions in-person or by phone to continue mentoring and forward progress
  • Action steps and practices to deeply root your learnings
  • Curiosity and wonder from a place of alignment regarding new projects and intentions
  • Accountability and self-responsibility checks for achieving your intentions
  • A container for deep transformation

Dream 90      $25,000

VIP package open to a select number of candidates each quarter

Designed for the brilliant leader who is ready to dramatically uplevel—yesterday.  Together we craft a Soul-based intention based on your desires, then achieve it—in 90 days.  I excavate of your hidden gold and set it free in a way you never thought possible.

Foundations First      $25,000

6-Month Transformation Package

Do you struggle with overwhelm, fatigue, stress, or time constraints?  Is your life getting in the way of you living it?  This rigorous one-0n-one coaching program is not for the faint of heart.  Immediate, actionable strategies create the space for you to truly transform your life and create greater impact.

A 6-month one-on-one coaching program for brilliant leaders who feel undervalued and underutilized–who feel stuck.  You will say goodbye to exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, confusion, and feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, so that you create the space to align with your passion and purpose, leave your mark on the world, and create lasting impact and change, all while feeling more fulfilled and having more time for family, friends, and taking care of yourself.  We will build your solid foundation, so that you can create the life of your dreams.  The high touch nature of this work ensures that you get maximal results in minimal time, because each session is tailored especially for you.

Fresh Start Plus      $7500

3-Month Transformation Package

A 12-week online course/group coaching program designed to help you create a fresh start in 2019.  What would life be like if you had more than enough time?  If you could truly enjoy time with friends and family because it didn’t feel like work?  If you could take care of yourself the way you would a loved one?  If you felt calm and peaceful?  Energized with passion?  Like you were making a difference?  Felt fulfilled?  Build that deepest level of your foundation in a group setting with weekly, easily-digestible modules to deliver content and group coaching calls.  I will personally facilitate each small group coaching call (a consistent group of 8-10 women that will partner with you on this journey) to ensure that everyone receives exactly what she needs.

Align With Why      $5000

Have you ever wondered what you’re really here to do?  Do you feel that calling to create greater impact?  Do you find yourself flitting from one idea or project to the next because it’s not quite right?  Are you frustrated or confused about your next steps?

In this package of two sessions, we’ll not only discover your unique Why.  We’ll also reveal your Hows, your unique superpowers that make you unstoppable.  Then we’ll look at actionable ways you can align with your Why and make it reality.

I am so passionate about aligning clients with their Why, I spoke about it at Harvard in 2018.  Watch here.

The Clarity Cure Consult      $997

A 45- minute consult including a custom clarity blueprint and 30-day action plan, your unique pathway from stuck to freedom, so that you gain clarity and make 2019 your best year yet.

“When I first learned about Melissa’s work I was at the lowest point of my life. The personal struggle I had was far beyond anything I could have dealt with on my own. Since making an appointment with her, it was one the best decisions I’ve made. I cannot put into words the impact she has made on my journey to discovering myself and accepting every aspect of that. She helped me to look into myself and used colorpuncture to align my body. Physically and spiritually these were awesome tools. She also used chakra work and guided meditation creating an awareness I never thought I could have. I feel more balanced, controlled, and strong. I went from a dark place to a happy, hopeful person ready and excited about the future.” 

 – Lori Rosmann, Loving mother and grandmother.  Mequon, WI

Lori Rosmann

“To every coaching session, Melissa brings an extraordinary presence with her gifts of empathy and compassion and deep connection. She creates the conditions allowing us to feel safe while exploring the vast reaches, including the light, the shadow and the dark, of our own souls. Melissa acknowledges us where we are, and joins in our conversation with our entelechy to help guide us to where we are yearning to go to manifest a life of well-being and balance and actualization.”

– Dawn Tarter, Certified Master NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner and Transformational Leadership Coach

Dawn Tarter

“Melissa brings a rare and special combination as both a doctor and an intuitive. She is thorough and precise in her approach and uses tools to catalyze change for her clients in powerful and elegant ways. She cares deeply about her clients and empowering them to live as their healthiest and most vibrant self.”

Shannon Jackson Arnold, Soul Specialist & Radiance Amplifier,  Eagle, WI

Shannon Jackson-Arnold

“Melissa Kalt’s range is unusual for a triple board certified physician. She is a highly intuitive healer and brings a wide-range of skills to all her work including but not limited to her medical practice, and her manner is completely open and approachable. All her work is grounded in compassion and a passion for the broadest definition of wellness.”

– Sara Steele, Artist, Philadelphia, PA

Sara Steele
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