Opening Minds to Infinite Possibilities

“Melissa is very strong; and is very fast moving.  I went to her with right knee pain, which I thought might be arthritis, and paralyzing fear about a workshop I was offering.  Within two weeks she had me accessing a Mastermind group matched to my goals and aspirations.  Within a month, the enrollment to my workshop had doubled!  And my right knee was comfortable once again.

Melissa is always creating and making things happen:  she’s a mover and a shaker.  At the same time, she has a presence that’s very human, very loving:  she’s able to share her sensitivity and is very approachable.  It allows me in to make a connection with her and build a sincere relationship with her.  From that place of authentic connection, watching her create with such grace and spaciousness inspires in me the confidence that I can do the same.

There is a way in which when I come to coach with Melissa, I have the safety and comfort of knowing that she has the expertise of conventional medicine.  She also has a way of understanding the peculiarities of my specific condition from a much vaster perspective using alternative and complementary therapies.  And in a way that is difficult to articulate clearly and precisely, she brings an energetic understanding and powerful capability to heal things from their core or source; and then the healing spreads to all the other levels.  Her intuitive guidance is so often spot on, it is uncanny.  With that kind of accurate clarity, transformation takes place often at an almost miraculously fast pace and deeper level.”

– Dr Michele Semerit Strachan, MD
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, University of Minnesota
Fellow and Director of Medicine, Cultural Wellness Center, Minneapolis, MN

Dr Michele Semerit Strachan, MD

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