Modern life and American culture values “doing” through distraction and bulldog determination. Goals are achieved through burying or stuffing emotions and putting one’s nose to the grindstone. Believe me, I know! Most, if not all, physicians have done just that to get through medical school. Unfortunately, it’s not sustainable.

The problem is this. Everyone has experienced trauma, maybe not the big “T” trauma people think of like war, being robbed at gunpoint, abuse, or a near-death experience, but trauma nonetheless. Trauma is defined as anything that surpasses an individual’s ability to cope. This can include the loss, injury or illness of a loved one, being shamed in front of the class at school, criticism from a relative, humiliating or scary experiences or feeling isolated or alone. Most adults have gotten very good at using determination and ambition to “push through” or find ways to distract themselves from difficult emotions by taking on a new project, finding a new hobby, or engaging in numbing out behaviors like overeating or drinking too much, thanks to the logical brain skill set.

Unfortunately, these kind of approaches only work for so long as emotions are stored in the emotional brain and are not accessible through logic. Unprocessed emotions are also stored in the body creating and reinforcing neural pathways. When faced with a situation our logical brain can choose how to respond or, if we still have unprocessed emotions, our emotional brain can involuntarily react. Reactions tend to be more extreme, out of our control, and often we later feel badly or embarrassed by our behavior.

Struggling to control our reactions or feeling shame or guilt about them further suppresses the underlying emotions. Unfortunately, over time this leads to alterations in energy flow and after more time, leads to physical and/or psychological dis-ease.

Western or traditional medicine offers many beneficial treatments for people on the disease end of the spectrum. But many people don’t yet have a diagnosable disease. They feel unwell, suffering for example from fatigue, but their lab tests are normal. For years I’ve seen these people, desperate for their thyroid to be off so they can find a treatment to make them feel better. Many common symptoms have their root in unprocessed trauma or conflict and the resultant energetic disturbance. Fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines, feeling floaty, heartburn, bloating, constipation, decreased libido, depression, anxiety, and attentional issues are a few.

The good news is that there is hope. Resolving symptoms requires an orientation change, sort of like choosing to get up on the other side of the bed. It requires doing things differently. One needs to learn to stop distracting and pushing and instead “attune” to the sensations and needs of the physical body, soul and spirit. Over time one learns to connect more deeply to Self. My intuitive gifts help clients get to the root causes of their symptoms. With that awareness things start to shift. Through Colorpuncture or other energetic modalities, energetic blockages can be released and new regulating information provided helping to clear the disturbance at the cellular level.

Imagine a life in which your mind, body and soul are in alignment, in which you are thriving rather than surviving, radiant with well-being, and knowing that you are living your destiny. That is sustainable……Sustainably You.

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