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“Melissa is a modern day Medicine woman with extraordinary intuitive insight.  She embodies the astute wisdom of a medical doctor, complimented with her soulful gifts to recognize the deeper cellular healing needed.  

I came to Melissa seeking support to move forward in an area of my life I was feeling particularly stuck in, despite working on and through issues for years.  After Melissa completed my session I felt free to move in my life unimpeded from the memory of past experiences long held in my body.  

Connecting with Melissa is a gentle, kind, compassionate, and informative experience.  She uses her wise medical intuitive assessment describing accurately the anatomy that cleared and the correlating “issues in the tissues” revealed.  Melissa provides evolutionary healthcare that is much needed today!  Thank you Melissa for sharing your authentic work that inspires freedom to be our True Self!”

– Mary Sotelo,  Reiki Master Teacher,  San Diego, CA,

Mary Sotelo, RMT